About this site

We're doing it live! Whatever this site becomes, we're gonna build it out in the open so everybody can see all the half-baked ideas and dead ends.

April 8

I skipped some small updates over the past few weeks, but today sees the launch of some fairly major typography and hero image changes.

Mar 15

I've recently added a linkroll and links page, along with a page about me. I'm thinking a bit about the about | ideas |now model but don't honestly know if I want to keep up with updating all those pages. Seems like a lot.

I've also been making CSS tweaks here and there. I need to take a harder look at the CSS. It is currently broken on small screens, I'm not sure my color choices are accessbible, and I don't love the way it's organized and builds.

Feb 22

I've needed to fix the site navigation for awhile now, and finally did. I used the simple 11ty Navigation Plugin and it was so easy it made me a bit embarrassed that I hadn't fixed it already.

Feb 7

I've added a lot more content this week as I consolidate various things I've had on other websites and bring it all here. That means my Smart Camper content is here now and I'll be retiring smartercamper.com, and I've started bringing over a bunch of the bike content from re-cycled.net. I'll be retiring that one, too.

I've also pulled in the Giant List of Questions for Prospective Employers. I'm experimenting with embedding that here as a Github submodule. We'll see how well it works.

And I added a bunch of photos and thumbnails.

Jan 30, 2024

As I begin to diverge from the perfectly nice 11ty Netlify jumpstart template, I've changed the main logo image and theme colors. Those who have known me for awhile will recognize the horseshoe isn't just a nod to this site's name, it's also the same horseshoe found on Gretsch guitars, in particular the Gretsch 6120 Chet Atkins. I created the Gretsch Pages in 1995 and over time it became the leading resource and community for Gretsch guitar owners. After 25 years I retired, but not without some regrets. It was a huge part of my life for a very long time. Just seemed right to have a little homage here.

We're doing it live

I'm Carter Baxter. I like to tinker with things. You can read more about me on Linkedin, on Github, or on Mastodon.

This site is a little clearinghouse for various experiments and projects I've taken on and tinkered with. Because it's all about the projects, we'll treat the site as a project, too, and build it out live.

We're starting from the 11ty Netlify jumpstart template and going from there. If I don't abandon the project, it should be constantly changing. We'll see where it goes.

We're building it out in the open. Photo generated by hotpot.ai
We're building it out in the open. Photo generated by hotpot.ai