Maturity Model Generator

Need a maturity model? Just enjoy a silly joke? Either way, we've got you covered.

Maturity Model Generator

In 2022 or so, it seemed like everywhere I turned there was either a maturity model popping up for something, or someone was calling for a maturity model. Something was in the air, and it seemed like we needed a maturity model for everything. Cheeseburgers were getting a maturity model.

Naturally, half these maturity models were pretty much nonsense, full of big words to let the author of the maturity model feel like they had Thought Deeply About Things and nearly completely ignored by everyone.

I realized long ago that if you're going to write volumes of nonsense that no one will ever read or act on, it's best to have a computer do it for you. Armed with that knowledge, I could have been on the forefront of AI, but instead I dithered about and hacked this thing together as my own little in-joke.

And also because I wanted to play with Alpine.js and HTMX, but mostly because I just thought it was funny. So I ended up with this....

A sample generated maturity model, featuring levels such as 'sophistimicated', 'sentimonies', and 'unfaceuptoable'.
A sample generated maturity model, featuring levels such as 'sophistimicated', 'sentimonies', and 'unfaceuptoable'.

The maturity model names and text are mostly a mixture of business jargon and made-up words from the Simpsons, with a few of my own additions. The colors sort of map along the lines of "green is good" and "red is bad" to make it more in line with stereotypical maturity models. Of course that also makes it pretty inaccessible, among other problems, and I should call that out.

At any rate, it's dumb, but no dumber than a lot of "real" maturity models I've seen.

An interesting footnote, though, is that since building it, I've actually developed an appreciation for a well-crafted maturity model. You can usually tell the good ones because they illuminate rather than obfuscate.

Why did I do it?

To learn some mini JS frameworks, and because I thought I was being funny.

What did I learn?

Where is it?